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Slam Jump – All in a Days Play

All in a Days Play - Slam Jump  arte

Slam Jump

All in a Days Play

Gênero: Jogos

Data de lançamento: 12/12/2017

In late 2017, Jagger, a wealthy Russian Media Mogul, introduced the Slam Jump Tournament to the entire world. Warriors from all around the world applied to participate, but only the BEST qualified.

Slam Jump is a two button arcade fighting game drilled to very basic combat actions: Jumping and Kicking. No more having the screen filled with many buttons for different actions. Jumping and Kicking is all that matters and it gives rise to very intense strategic fights.

Game Features:
– 11 Characters to choose from. Each character has a different backstory. Play and experience their lives.
– 4 Tournaments to compete in.
– Endless mode to practice and earn cash.
– Local PvP mode to play versus friends on the same device.
– Training mode to improve your characters' skills.
– Upgrade system for each character. Improve their attributes to become the ultimate fighter.

Fight your way to ultimate glory!

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