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HAWK: Freedom Squadron – MY COM

MY COM - HAWK: Freedom Squadron  arte

HAWK: Freedom Squadron


Gênero: Jogos

Data de lançamento: 18/01/2017

Grab your bros and plunge yourself into a breathtaking, fast-paced combat action! Together, you'll protect the country of Verdia against merciless invaders in a campaign spanning 60 missions. Casually join an endless arcade mode or lead hardcore raids with whole squadrons at your disposal, and more!
Whatever battle you choose, you're never alone — the unique co-op mode allows you to join forces with either a bro you know, or a new friend! With a broad range of aircraft and upgrades to choose from, a variety of missions and challenges, Hawk is a good ol' adrenaline overdose. There's absolutely no way you'll ever get bored!

● A co-op system you’ve been dreaming of! Team up with your battle brothers to overcome challenges or join forces with random players for even more fun!
● All guns blazing! Unleash a storm of bullets and missiles in an old school scrolling shooter — you know it, you love it!
● Lots of jets, battle companions and devices… Your personal armory is as rich as you want it!
● Battle and defeat bosses that are so big they don't even fit the screen! And wipe out swarms of their minions!

The sky is yours!

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