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Food Conga – Mokuni LLC

Mokuni LLC - Food Conga  arte

Food Conga

Mokuni LLC

Gênero: Jogos

Data de lançamento: 16/08/2017

Welcome to Food Conga! Your job is simple: collect matching food to form an edible conga line and lead them to your hungry patrons! The longer your conga line, the bigger your reward! Successfully completed orders will help you earn rewards, unlock new themed restaurants, and evolve your food collection.

Choose from a crazy cast of culinary characters to navigate around town: from sushi chefs to burger maestros to undead pirates. Dance your way into your customer’s hearts as you supply food into their tummies!

– Totally adorbz food friends
– Explosively super powerups
– Bears wearing bee costumes
– Quests that will challenge your conga skills
– Zany enemies and zippy obstacles

© © 2017 Mokuni LLC

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