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Deco Sketch – Ben Guerrette

Ben Guerrette - Deco Sketch  arte

Deco Sketch

Ben Guerrette

Gênero: Foto e vídeo

Data de lançamento: 16/01/2012

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"A wildly addictive app that adds a seemingly endless variety of geometric effects to your mobile images, giving them strong, eye-catching elements that are impossible to create with just photography and filters."

– Hannah Teoh, AndroidEditors.com

"Deco Sketch has something to offer the imaginative, playful and creative mind for both the doodler and the serious artist."

– Nicki Fitz-Gerald, iPhoneographyCentral.com


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Enhance your photos to make detailed masterpieces or minimally affected compositions with Deco Sketch, the geometric effects and drawing suite for professionals and hobbyists. Featuring a diverse collection of unconventional brushes and presets, Deco Sketch lets you organize intricate patterned styles over simple photo filters to produce beautiful, completely original artwork.

A vast selection of unique shape emitting brushes that includes customizable settings allowing creative manipulation of the flow, opacity, size, and angle of your draw strokes with various unique controls. Use one of the 130 presets or customize brush settings to suit your own tastes.

Simple enough for the mobile creator but with advanced tools for the professional designer.

Mobile artistry for the geometrically obsessed.


– Enhance your photos with amazing geometric effects and patterns
– Sketch with 10 different brush types in 130 different variations
– Customize your brush strokes with 15 configurable settings
– Instantly apply color extracted from your photo to the geometry being drawn
– Sketch on a blank canvas to produce your own creation
– Output up to 8mp ( 2448 x 3264 ) for high-resolution printing capabilities
– In-app sharing to Facebook, Twitter and email in iOS 6
– Zoom, pan, undo and redo capabilities for precise creation


Thanks to Courtney Ringsted and the following Instagram users for allowing me to use their work in promoting Deco Sketch: @twist3dall3gory, @landofcort, @jaredstauffer, @zachscv, @jesserather27, @samwoodsiv, @andre_wendell, @m_tortilla, @mathiasvik, @robertwestrozier, @schlangengift, @schlangengift, @blendingcolors, @rex_sowhat, @areabridges3, @rushtheiceberg, @lilsista, @dinalf, @yurlet @selibails, @rakloze and @django102.

© © 2013 Ben Guerrette

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