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Audio Game Hub – Grabbit

Grabbit - Audio Game Hub  arte

Audio Game Hub


Gênero: Jogos

Data de lançamento: 23/04/2016

Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface – making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users.

Dive into a rich world of sounds and experience the unique collection of mini audio games. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Play in the casino, attend the medieval archery contest, escape the dark labyrinth, fight the finest samurai warriors and improve your memory at the animal farm. Play it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

– Slot Machines (Casino)
– Archery
– Hunt
– Samurai Tournament (up to 4 player)
– Samuari Dojo (up to 4 player)
– Labyrinth
– Memory (Animal Farm)
– Blocks (Bejeweld)

Think you can do it with your eyes closed?

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